Workshops Taught by Four First Names

Four First Names lead workshops and organizational learning experiences designed to deepen the creative well of actors and non-actors alike. With more than 30 years combined experience acting, hosting and teaching, Chris and Richard both utilize their improv skills daily in their own corporate lives in large organizational settings helping business people think and act like improvisers do: being bold, courageous and never taking themselves too seriously. Their workshops utilize techniques, exercises, games and unique approaches designed to strengthen an actor's muscles of observation, awareness and listening to create a more powerful, enjoyable improv experience.

FOUR LEAPS with Four First Names

EVERYTHING MATTERS with Four First Names

Taking a leap - in fact taking four of them - will jump start your scene into a more powerful, enjoyable experience for you, your scene partner and your audience.  When we take leaps of faith, thought, time and emotion together with our scene partner(s), everything becomes important.  Intentionally throwing ourselves into the unknown unleashes our creativity.  And that is where the fun is!

In scene work, everything is important.  This workshop will focus on techniques and exercises to strengthen an actor’s improv muscles of observation, awareness and listening.  When everything matters to you, everything becomes relevant and nothing is wasted. All gifts become sacred. And the greatest gifts are your partners themselves.

-- When Everything is Relevant, Nothing is Wasted --

- Leap into More Powerful Scenes -

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IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU SAY IT with Four First Names

-- Context Outweighs Content --

How somehting is Said and How it is Heard can often matter more than What you are saying.  These two (simultaneous) HOWs can inform both scene partners about the context of the scene content.  Why does this matter?  Because it's a tool that immediately frees you and your scene partner to play in that crucial first moment of the scene without having to create counter offer on top of counter offer on top of counter offer to finally realize what the scene is about.  This concept is both a thinking and feeling tool.  And it's immediately applicable to your next scene, workshop and show.