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Richard Paul has been an improviser, actor and instructor for more than 20 years at SAK Comedy Lab, Walt Disney World, Offsides Improv and is the founder of Unity in Playback Theater, Orlando's first Playback Theater troupe. His feature film acting credits include Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) and GeoStorm (2017).  Chris Barry is an actor and host at SAK Comedy Lab, It's Improvised at the 129!, The Random Processes, and Unity in Playback Theater.  Elaine Pechacek is an award winning composer and musician/vocalist (Sony Records, Digital Juice, and Energie Studios) with more than 150 songs/works in the genre of musical theatre and media soundtracks. She has written five musicals: WHEN, DELAYED, FRANKENCHRIST, 4 time award winner SEASONS, and the international success THE LADY JULIANA. Four First Names hosts a monthly improvised variety show called It's Improvised at the 129! at Dragonfly Studios in Ocoee, Florida.

Watch Four First Names perform a set called The Aftermath at the 16th Annual Providence Improv Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, in September 2019:

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With more than 30 combined years experience acting, hosting and teaching improv, Richard Paul and Chris Barry join forces with award winning composer and musical director Elaine Pechacek to make up the troupe Four First Names out of Orlando, Florida. Richard and Chris are both veterans of SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida and Elaine has composed numerous musicals performed around the world.

Four First Names stages a fully improvised musical long-form set called The Aftermath, performing a 20- to 60-minute musical inspired by a seminal moment in an audience member’s life. Using details from the audience volunteer's story, they dig deep into the emotions surrounding that powerful moment through the use of a variety of song styles.  They have performed at festivals across the U.S. and internationally.